Parks & Greenways Donation Program

The City's Parks & Greenways Donation Program offers a variety of donation opportunities throughout our beautiful parks and greenways system. Commemorate a special event, family member, or friend by giving a unique gift that expresses your sentiments while contributing to the community.

Donation Process

1. Choose a Donation Item

A variety of donation items are available in our parks and greenways Donation Catalogue. Park furnishings come with a powder coated bronze commemorative plaque with up to three lines of text. (Please note that no plaques are available for tree donations).

2. Select a Site

Masterplanned Donation Areas

City Staff have selected specific sites for park furnishings in some key Parks and Greenways in the City. Please refer to the Donation Maps below and choose one of these available donation sites:

  • Victoria Park
  • Green Necklace
  • 14th Street Civic Plaza
  • Rey Sargent Park Map
  • North Vancouver Cemetery

Non-Masterplanned Donation Areas In any of our other Parks or Greenways, please choose from the following:

  • An existing donation site with a park furnishing available for donation (ie. no existing plaque) OR
  • Suggest a new site for your donation item

Please see our map showing Parks in the City. *Please note that all site selection is subject to review and approval by City staff.

3. Application Form

Fill out an Application Form which includes proposed wording for a commemorative plaque and submit to the Engineering, Parks and Environment Department at City Hall. The City will review your application and notify you of their decision. Once your application has been approved, please provide payment in full (cheque, credit card, debit, cheque or cash) and the City will process your application. All donations are tax deductable.

4. Processing

Please allow approximately four to six months for park furnishings to be ordered and installed. Tree donations are only planted during the Fall and Spring. City staff will notify you when your donation item has been installed.

5. Donation Term

The donation term for park furnishings lasts for 10 years. For trees donations, the term lasts for the life of the tree. The City will contact the donor in the last six months of the donation term to offer donors the opportunity to renew their item at the same location. If the donor chooses not to renew, the City will offer the plaque to the donor and the site will become available for donation to other potential donors.

*Please refer to the Parks Regualtion Bylaw for more detailed information regarding donation regulations.

Donation Maps

Contact Info

For assistance or more information about the City's Parks & Greenways Donation Program, please contact:

Engineering, Parks & Environment Department
Tel: 604-983-7333

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