Violence Prevention in Schools Grant

The City of North Vancouver Violence Prevention in Schools Grant was adopted by Council in 1994 as part of a general initiative to address violence in the community. Since 1994, a number of anti-bullying, personal development and leadership courses, peer counselling and behavioural intervention programs have been supported by this grant.


School District #44 has developed a Safe and Caring Schools Policy, and as such it is recommended that projects and programs complement the objectives of the policy, specifically, the development of "Socially Responsive Behaviour" and "Mental and Emotional Wellness". The primary objective of the Violence Prevention in Schools Grant is to increase student wellness and personal safety.

Funding Priorities

It is recommended that each year, priorities in terms of the funding needs for violence prevention be re-examined.

The Violence Prevention fund needs to be flexible to meet emerging and ongoing student needs including:

  • healthy decision making skills
  • healthy relationships: friendship and intimate
  • effective communications and conflict resolution skills
  • student engagement and leadership
  • internet safety
  • bully proofing
  • diversity training
  • healthy sexuality
  • stranger awareness
  • elementary to secondary school transition
  • integration of new students
  • suicide prevention
  • knowledge of counselling resources
  • Life and social skills development

Eligible Expenses

  • Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Software
  • Curriculum
  • Library books
  • Art supplies
  • Photocopying
  • Outside room rental
  • Some transportation (example rental of school bus)
  • Food & beverages
  • Honoraria for youth

Ineligible Expenses

  • Awards ceremonies or Student of the Week unless directly related to violence prevention initiatives
  • Playground equipment
  • Bicycle and car safety initiatives
  • Clothing and accessories (example vests for supervision purposes (exceptions may apply if related to a violence prevention activity))
  • Capital equipment (such as photocopiers, computers, pylons, bicycles)
  • School maintenance
  • Administration and staff costs
  • Rental of school facilities

Examples of projects and programs to meet Funding Priorities:

The Violence Prevention in Schools Fund is aimed at supporting programs which increase students' skill or knowledge of:

  • Effective communication and the ability to interact in a manner which respects the diversity of others
  • the potential repercussions of risky behaviours and poor decision making
  • issues related to racism, prejudice, homophobia, sexism, ageism, and classism
  • indictors of mental health concerns and warning signs of suicide
  • dangers of drugs and alcohol
  • indicators of dating abuse and how to have healthy intimate relationships
  • processes of recruitment and sexual exploitation into the sex trade
  • internet dangers and dangers associated with violent video games
  • conflict resolution, restorative justice and restitution options
  • youth and social service resources

The Fund also supports such projects as:

  • peer counselling and peer led personal safety initiatives
  • increasing student involvement and leadership in policy development and implementation initiatives related to Safe and Caring Schools

Process of Awarding the Grants

Each year a call for proposals to all City public schools is conducted in September by School District #44. A selection committee consisting of the School Assistant Superintendents, one to two City students, a school trustee, a member of the North Vancouver Teacher's Association, Coordinator of Safe and Caring schools and a staff member from the City's Community Development department will be implemented to adjudicate the proposals.

Grant Amount

A maximum grant of $5,000 can be awarded for any one school.


The School District agrees to conduct the Call for Proposal, assemble the adjudicating committee, disperse the grants to the individual schools, conduct accountability procedures and present a year-end summary of the grants to Council on an annual basis.

Contact Info

Brad Baker
District Administrator - Learning Services
North Vancouver School District
Tel: 604-903-3777
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