Bylaw Enforcement

What Regulations do Bylaw Officers Enforce?

Street and Traffic Bylaw No. 6234

Bylaw Services responds to both parking flow and safety matters pertaining to parked vehicles. Bylaw Officers do not regulate moving vehicles - a function which falls under the Motor Vehicle Act. Main activities under this bylaw include overtime parking, blocking of lanes, oversized commercial vehicles, and construction matters. Bylaw Officers do not have a ticket quota and ticket numbers are based on many factors including amount of violations, increases and decreases in construction zones, and other factors.

Noise Bylaw No. 5819

While Bylaw Officers receive the initial complaint, any investigation is completed by Vancouver Coastal Health Officers. Vancouver Coastal Health receives complaints and direction from Bylaw Services as to the nature of the complaint and, through the City’s noise bylaw, completes an investigation using various methods of sound monitoring. Typical complaints include noise from adjacent businesses, machinery, and construction projects.

Dog Tax and Regulation Bylaw No. 8113

The purpose of the Dog Tax and Regulation Bylaw is to provide rules and regulations for the care and control of dogs. This includes regulations for registration of dogs, definitions of care and control, designations of vicious dog, methods for the seizure and impounding of large dogs, and definitions of acts of cruelty. The bylaw also provides a schedule for licensing dogs as well as a penalty schedule for violations of the bylaw.

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw No. 5659

This bylaw is used to manage unsightly properties (water, rubbish or noxious matter) within the City. Bylaw Officers will respond on a complaints basis and work with the resident or business owner to remedy the issue. Common complaints include overflowing garbage and untidy premises.

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