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Monday Night's Council Meeting

May 21, 2020   

On the agenda for Monday, May 25:


Rezoning Application: 250 East 15th Street (Nacel Properties Ltd., CD-726)


  • Zoning Bylaw, 1995, No. 6700, Amendment Bylaw, 2020, No. 8769 (Nacel Properties Ltd., 250 East 15th Street, CD-726)
  • Housing Agreement Bylaw, 2020, No. 8770 (Nacel Properties Ltd., 250 East 15th Street, CD-726, Rental Housing Commitments)


  • Pandemic Scenario Planning: Impacts and Actions – Director, Planning and Development and Manager, Transportation Planning

Council meetings are conducted virtually and begin at 5:30pm. You can join us from home by live-streaming. Council meeting agendas are available here. Send your feedback to us by email at The City Clerk will read all written submissions into the public record.

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