How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Curbside Yard Waste Collection

Christmas trees can be put out for pick-up as part of your year-round Yard trimmings and Green Can collection program. Tree recycling requirements include: 

  • Cut tree into 3 ft lengths. Make sure branches are tied "in" using natural string/twine (no plastic or metal string).
    Place tied tree sections beside your Green Can.
  • Tree must not be bagged or put in Green Cans.
  • All lights, tinsel, decorations and ornaments must be removed.
  • Note: Artificial trees or those sprayed with snow foam are not accepted.

Got Old Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights can be recycled for free at any LightRecycle collection site. Locally you can recycle old lights free of charge at the Recycling Depot or Return-it Depot. To find the closest drop of location to you visit LightRecycle today!

Metro Vancouver also has lots of great tips for waste-free Christmas cleanup here:

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