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508 East 12th Street
North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2K4

In Office

2005 to present

For the past three years, we have been discussing our future. Many of you have participated in City Shaping events, adding your voice to the community dialogue. The result will be a new Official Community Plan that sets out our vision for the next decade and beyond. An OCP is a blueprint, setting out how high and how dense development can be, but it is also a statement of values about the kind of community we want to live in and leave to future generations: a vibrant, diverse, highly livable, prosperous, sustainable, resilient community.

In this, my fourth term on council, I will continue my effort to engage citizens and ensure all voices are heard. I will work to ensure that growth takes place in an orderly and planned manner consistent with the OCP and providing a better balance between jobs, transportation infrastructure and residential growth.

The pace and scale of development over the past decade have contributed to the high cost of living and doing business on the North Shore. We have allowed regional bodies, the development community and global market forces to dictate our future. I believe we need to reflect on the impact this decade of extraordinary development has had before embarking on the next phase of growth. I look forward to discussing how we can best meet these challenges to achieve our shared vision.


Councillor Pam Bookham is serving her fourth term on City Council.

Prior to being elected, Councillor Bookham served as Co-Chair of the Grand Boulevard-Ridgeway Residents Association and as Coordinator of the Coalition of Community Associations of the City of North Vancouver. She was a leader in the effort to enhance opportunities for meaningful public input in the decisions made by City Council and to engage residents in the civic life of North Vancouver.

Councillor Bookham holds a B.A. (Windsor), a B. Ed. (Toronto) and an M.A. (UBC). After twenty years of service, Pam retired from her position as an English instructor at Kwantlen University Polytechnic.

Born in Uxbridge, Ontario, she grew up on RCAF bases in Trenton, Ontario; Baden-Soellingen (4 Wing), Germany; North Bay, Ontario. Councillor Bookham has lived in North Vancouver since 1997.

Council Committees and Appointments

  • Finance Committee (Acting Mayor-Alternate Chair)
  • Policy Committee
  • Parks & Recreation Committee
  • Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel
  • Integrated Transportation Committee
  • North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (per Acting Mayor Schedule)
  • North Shore Emergency Management Office Executive Committee
  • Parks and Environment Advisory Committee
  • Acting Mayor: February - March
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