Volunteers Making a Difference

2019 Year to Date

  • 1 Parks Enhanced/Restored
  • 1 Stewardship & Restoration Event
  • 45 Volunteers
  • 135 Hours Volunteered
  • 30 m3 Invasive Plants Removed


  • 9 Parks Enhanced/Restored
  • 17 Stewardship & Restoration Events
  • 15 Education & Outreach Events
  • 540 Volunteers
  • 1545 Hours Volunteered
  • 377 m3 Invasive Plants Removed
  • 1826 Native Species Planted


  • 8 Parks Enhanced/Restored
  • 26 Stewardship and Restoration Events
  • 16 Education & Outreach Events
  • 655 Volunteers
  • 2086 Hours Volunteered
  • 790 Native Trees & Shrubs Planted
  • 618 m3 Invasive Plants Removed


  • 19 stewardship and restoration events
  • 657 Volunteers
  • 2408 hours volunteered
  • 663 m3 of invasive species removed
  • 416 Native Trees & Shrubs planted
  • 19 education & outreach events
  • 419 participants


  • 35 events
  • 607 volunteers
  • 897 hours volunteered
  • 237 m3 of invasive species removed
  • 395 native trees and shrubs planted

City Park Stewards

Upcoming City Park Stewards Events
  • Saturday, March 23, 2019 – 9 am to 12 pm | Heywood Park
    Join the City Park Stewards for this exciting planting event. We'll be planting vine maple trees in the park that have been generously donated by Parkgate Community Services from their Winter Lights Celebration. This event will take place in the lower section of the park.

    Meeting place: Parking lot near the intersection of Hamilton Ave and Tobruck Ave.

Want to get out into our parks and get your hands dirty while making a difference? Then come join in the fun with the City Park Stewards!

Since 2001, the City has partnered with Evergreen on this fantastic award winning project called the City Park Rehabilitation Project. It was created as a means to give back to our degraded natural areas, suffering from the effects of intensive recreational use, stream bank erosion and invasive plants. Stewardship is a satisfying and rewarding way to experience the natural areas in the City and contribute in a meaningful way to the ecological health of these areas.

You can get involved! Evergreen hosts year-round public stewardship and restoration activities throughout the City of North Vancouver, including free interpretive walks, workshops and a monthly stewardship event the fourth Saturday of each month.

Volunteering for Events

Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. Evergreen will supply all the training, tools, gloves, and refreshments. All events go ahead rain or shine, so please come dressed for the weather, with sturdy shoes, and in clothing you don't mind getting a bit dirty. Arrive in style - please consider walking, cycling, taking public transit, or carpooling with friends to the event.

To RSVP and to learn more about this program, contact Laura Nickerson, Evergreen Greenspace Programs Manager at lnickerson@evergreen.ca or 604-689-0766 ext. 9253.

If you would like to volunteer for an event register here. If you did not have time to register, don't worry just show up at the event. Extra helpers are always appreciated!

Since 2003, volunteers known as the City Park Steward, in partnership with Evergreen, have worked together to restore City of North Vancouver's parks by removing invasive plants and planting native plant species. View Story Map
City Park Stewards Earth Day Event
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