Loan Options for Retrofit Projects

If you'd like to do some retrofit projects around your home, there a couple of loan options you could qualify for.

Vancity Home Energy Loan

Vancity Home Energy Loan- a personal loan is available for residents looking to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes. A low interest rate saves you money compared to a conventional loan and allows you to borrow as little as $3,500 to a maximum of $50,000 then pay it back through a multitude of flexible payment options.

For more information on how you can apply visit Vancity Home Energy loan at

RBC Energy Saver Loan

RBC Energy Saver Loan - if you have recently purchased or plan to purchase energy efficient products or services for your home, you could qualify for the RBC Energy Saver Loan. Receive a 1% interest rate discount or a $100 rebate on a home energy audit on a fixed rate instalment loan over $5,000 when you purchase eligible products or services.

For more information on how you can apply visit RBC Energy Saver loan at

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