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Utility Rates

The City of North Vancouver's 2018 utility rates have been set at the lowest amount possible to deliver current services and provide sufficient funding for the long term financial planning goals of sustainable and long term infrastructure management.

This year, single unit residential fees will total $444.60 for water, and $342.95 for sewer. Multiple unit residential fees will total $260.30 for water, and $231.75 for sewer.

These amounts are net of the 5% discount which is provided on utility bills paid in full by February 28, 2018. Please refer to the back of your utility bill for a complete rate schedule and payment options. Online utility bill inquiries.

The City's 2018 rates will generate adequate revenue to ensure that the utilities operate as a separate entity from other general revenue. The revenues collected provide funds for current operating requirements, on-going capital programs, long-term infrastructure replacement, and Metro Vancouver rates for services.

The City's water and sewer rates continue to be competitive compared to other municipalities within the region.

District of North Van.
(2018) $ (rounded)
City of North Van.
(2018) $ (rounded)
Single Detached Residential
Water 679 445
Sewer 643 343*
Multiple Unit Residential
Water 579 260
Sewer 535 214*
*The City's sewerage fees shown do not contain drainage charges. The drainage levy is billed as part of the annual tax notice. The average drainage levy based on average property assessment for a single unit residence is $92.60 and for a multi unit residence is $41.92.
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