Utility Rates

The City of North Vancouver’s 2020 utility rates are calculated to ensure delivery of current services and provide funding for sustainable infrastructure management.

This year, single unit residential fees are $489 for water and $411 for sewer, totalling $900. Multiple unit residential fees are $286 for water and $256 for sewer, totalling $542. The 5% discount offered in previous years has already been applied to the initial fees, thereby giving the discount to all residents. A penalty of 5% will be applied to any balance which remains unpaid after February 28, 2020 and an additional penalty of 5% will be applied after April 30, 2020.

The back of your utility bill shows all payment options. You can review utility bill information online.

The City’s 2020 rates will generate sufficient revenue to ensure that utilities operate as a separate entity from other general property taxes. The revenues collected provide funds for annual operations and maintenance, on-going upgrading programs, long-term infrastructure replacement, and Metro Vancouver for water supply and sewage treatment.

The City’s water and sewer rates continue to be competitive compared to other municipalities within the region.



Utility Facts & Figures

The City works to limit the increase in utility rates for City rate payers. The largest portion of utility operating costs are direct costs for the purchase of drinking water and sewage treatment, payable to Metro Vancouver.


Metro Vancouver’s water purchase costs have increased approximately 6% over 2019. The remainder of utility rates is used to keep our municipal water system in good working order and to replace aging and higher-risk municipal water infrastructure.


Metro Vancouver’s sewer treatment charges have increased approximately 9.5% over 2019. It is anticipated that by 2022 there will be significant increases in sewer costs following completion of the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City has funding set up to help offset future rate increases for residents.

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