Builders Forum 2014

The Fall 2014 Builders’ Forum introduced attendees to new amendments to the BC Building Code, effective December 19th, 2014. Related permit application requirements were covered, as well as an overview of new floor area exclusions in the Zoning bylaw. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here:


Section 9.36 - Energy Efficiency in Small Buildings

The new Section 9.36 will affect the design and construction of all Part 9 buildings. Adding about 120 pages of new requirements to the BCBC, Section 9.36 includes Building Envelope, HVAC, Service Water Heating, and Performance modelling topics, as well as new concepts such as "effective R-value". Pathways to compliance are discussed, as well as drawing requirements.

Section 9.32 - Ventilation

Updates to Section 9.32 are reviewed, including new mandatory ventilation rates and HRV installation regulations.

Zoning Bylaw Exclusions for Green Technologies

New exclusions recently added to the Zoning Bylaw will be discussed, including floor area exclusions for thick wall assemblies and mechanical rooms. Additional allowances for projecting solar-shading devices and green roofs will also be reviewed, amongst other items.

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