Greenwood Park & Kealy Woods Park

Construction Notice

Construction is underway, Through 2021, we will continue to work on improvements to the trail network, park entrances, removal of invasive plants, installation of native plants, and wild fire protection measures. Learn more at

We've been working on an assessment of Greenwood Park and Kealy Woods to help us make decisions on park improvements. The assessment includes analysis of the existing trees, vegetation, wildlife habitat, watercourses, invasive species, trails and other recreational features.

The City's goal is to ensure sustainable management of parks that will contribute to the ecological, social, and economic well-being of the community. This goal supports Council’s strategic plan priority to be a leader in climate action by acting as stewards of the environment for future generations. 

Learn more about the plan and provide your feedback at


About the Parks

Greenwood and Kealy Woods are large natural urban forest parks located in the upper Grand Boulevard neighborhood. Both park areas contain a network of formal and informal trails used by walkers, runners, and mountain bikers.  There is an old quarry in Greenwood Park with steep bluffs. Kealy Woods consist of a bedrock outcrop with a series of surrounding bluffs. A watercourse complex exists in the northeastern edge of Greenwood carrying runoff from the Highway #1 and drainage from Tempe Heights Park. There is also a small watercourse that drains southeast of the main quarry in Greenwood.

Greenwood Park


Contact Info

Chandra Lesmeister
Park Planner 
Tel: 604-983-7333

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