Civic Centre

Take a tour with Lori and discover public art in and around Civic Plaza and City Hall.

Wade Baker
City of North Vancouver Plaza

This 8-foot cedar carving is located on the east wall of City Hall. In First Nations' culture, the sun is known to provide healing energy and ancient wisdom.

Katherine Kerr
Lonsdale & 14th Street

Continuum represents a metaphor for sustaining history as well as continual renewal and flow between time and events. A large, curved ring is inscribed with a clock of the past one hundred years with key events relevant to the eras inscribed between the decades.

Marianne Nicolson
North Vancouver City Library

This carved glass mural, My People Will Rise Up - like a thunderbird from the sea, is inspired by Chief Dan George's words spoken on the 100 year centennial of Canada as a nation in 1967. The words are brought to life using imagery inspired by the petroglyphs found up and down the west coast, markers of ancient aboriginal presence.

Nancy Chew & Jacqueline Metz
City of North Vancouver Plaza

Engraved images carved into bluestone suggest fragments of a magnificent tree, shadows of the Tree of Knowledge. Dappled amongst the imagery are literary quotes personally selected by library donors. Each piece contributes to the whole, while remaining individual - the imprint of the community on the plaza.

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