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Current Committee Vacancies

Interested in applying for one of our committee vacancies? Please complete this Application Form.

Get Involved by volunteering

Volunteering is a great way for residents to get involved, provide input on important issues and make a positive contribution to our community. The City is currently accepting applications to fill vacancies on the following Committees. All committee applicants must be City residents.

The City welcomes applications for all committees and will wait list you if no vacancies are currently available. 

Advisory Planning Commission

Purpose: To advise Council on the community planning aspects of the Official Community Plan, City plans or strategies such as transportation plan or strategic plans, zoning bylaws and development permits and other items directed by Council.  One upcoming vacancy.  Deadline for applications December 20, 2019.

Board of Variance

Purpose: To adjudicate appeals for minor variance to the Zoning bylaw and rule on applications under Sections 901 and 902 of the Local Government Act.
One upcoming vacancy.  Deadline for applications is December 20, 2019.

Integrated Transportation Committee

Purpose:  To advise Council and City staff on transportation policy, planning and mobility issues within the City.  To work towards creating, promoting, developing and improving an energy efficient, affordable and safe transportation network that supports a variety of transportation choices and minimizes environmental impacts.  Three upcoming vacancies.  Deadline for applications December 20, 2019.

North Vancouver City Library Board

Purpose: To manage, regulate and control the Library service and in particular be responsible for maintaining and supporting the existing library. Applicants must be City of North Vancouver residents.  Four upcoming vacancies.  Deadline for applications November 22, 2019.

North Vancouver Museum and Archives Commission

Purpose:  To serve as sole custodian of the City and District of North Vancouver’s cultural, archival and museum collection, and facilitate and encourage a broad array of museum and archival services.  The Museum builds and maintains collections that reflect the social, cultural, artistic, political and economic history of our community and offers activities and school programs throughout North Vancouver.  One upcoming vacancy.  Deadline for applications November 15, 2019.

North Shore Advisory Committee on Disabilities Issues (ACDI)

Purpose: Advises the Mayors, Councils and staff of the three North Shore municipalities on a wide range of issues affecting people with disabilities. Prospective volunteer members must have a disability, be a resident of the City of North Vancouver, and be able to attend meetings on a monthly basis.
Contact for further information on the committee. 

Visit our Committees section for details on all of the committees at the City.

To Apply

City Council welcomes applications from citizens interested in volunteering their time, sharing their expertise and helping their community. We encourage you to submit an application. If you are considered for a position, the City Clerk's department will advise you of the selection process.

For more information on Committee, Commission or Board vacancies, contact the City Clerk's Department at 604 998-3296.

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City Clerk's Department
Tel: 604-998-3296

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