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Advisory Planning Commission

Purpose: To advise Council on the community planning aspects of the following:

  • Official Community Plan (OCP), including amendments, federal, provincial or neighbouring municipal development plans which may affect our OCP;
  • City Plans or strategies such as transportation plans, economic development situations, or strategic plans which offset the City's OCP;
  • Zoning Bylaws, Development Permits and Development Variance Permits;
  • Other items directed by Council.

Terms of office: Nine members serve maximum of 2 terms of 3 years each, concluding on January 31st.

Commission Meetings

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee Advisory Planning Commission
Members Alex Boston (Chair)
Steve Tornes (Vice Chair)
Keegan Balcom
Sara Huber
Dan Marshall
Mack McCorkindale
Adrien Rahbar
Mary Tasi Baker (SD #44 Rep)
Brett Thorburn
Antje Wilson
Councillor Councillor Tina Hu
Councillor Jessica McIlroy
Day 2nd Wednesday
Time 6:00 p.m.
Notes Term ends January 31
Committee Clerk / Staff Rep. Rachel Fish, Committee Clerk
Mike Friesen, Planner
Phone 604-990-4204 (Rachel Fish)
604-990-4206 (Mike Friesen)
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