Bike Lids

The City has installed bicycle storage systems in the Civic Plaza, outside the main entrance to City Hall, and at Chadwick Court, by the kiss’n’ride at the SeaBus. The Bike Lid is a durable and secure form of bicycle storage that provides protection from weather, vandalism and theft. Made with 100% recyclable materials, the colourful pods are reinforced by steel and attached by a spring-loaded hinge to a steel frame. Each pod holds two full-sized bicycles which are secured to the interior frame with the cyclist's own lock.

How to use the City's bike lids.

The Bike Lid is easy to use, just lift, park and lock:

  1. Lift the pod
  2. Roll your bicycle into the pod
  3. Use your own high quality lock to secure your bicycle to the steel frame inside
  4. Close the lid

The City continues to support cycling as a healthy and sustainable form of transportation. The Bike Lid bicycle storage system is another bike-friendly initiative to help make cycling in the City more convenient for both commuter and recreational cyclists.

Cycling in the City

The City supports cycling as a healthy, efficient and non-polluting transportation option.

The City and District of North Vancouver have jointly developed the North Vancouver Bicycle Master Plan.

Cycling Projects

The City is working to improve the bicycle route network and provide facilities to encourage cycling.

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