Sustainable Travel Options

While the City of North Vancouver is committed to supporting all modes of transportation – walking, cycling, transit, and vehicles – a key priority is to support people who choose more sustainable alternatives to single occupant vehicles.

The City supports cyclingwalking, and public transit as a healthy, efficient and non-polluting transportation options. The City also supports car sharing and ride sharing programs as great ways to reduce commuting costs and cut personal carbon emissions without making a big change in the way you travel.

The City also partners with TransLink on various programs and initiatives to help people make smart travel choices. TravelSmart has resources and information on programs. 

The City supports cycling as a healthy, efficient and non-polluting transportation option for all cyclists.
To reduce public reliance on vehicles, we're working to make public transit a first-choice alternative for commuting.
The City is one of the most pedestrian friendly communities in the Metro Vancouver region.
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