Parking FAQs

What can I do about people parking in my parking area in front of my house?
There is no such thing as private street parking in front of any home in a residential area in the City. Street parking is available on a first come, first served basis. The street is open to the public and anybody may legally park on a residential street unless posted otherwise.

How long can I leave my vehicle on a street without moving it, if I've parked on a street without parking restrictions?
All streets have a maximum 72 hour parking, unless other restrictions are posted.

What can I do about a car that has been parked in front of my house for days?
The City's Street and Traffic bylaw states that no vehicle may remain parked in the same location on a public street for more than 72 hours. Contact City Bylaws at 604-982-8302 (or after hours contact the RCMP non-emergency number 604-985-1311).

People are parking too close to my driveway. What can be done about this?
The Street and Traffic bylaw states that vehicles may not park within 3 metres (10 feet) of a driveway. It is illegal for a vehicle to block your driveway in any way. If a vehicle is parked too close to your driveway, contact City Bylaws at 604-982-8302 (after hours contact the RCMP non emergency number 604-985-1311).

Do not block your own driveway. The RCMP/Bylaw Officers will have no way of knowing if it is your vehicle and you may receive a ticket.

Can I park my RV on the street?
RVs may only be parked on the street in a residential area between 6:00am and 6:00pm. After 6:00pm they must be removed from the street. On all other streets RVs may be parked up to 24 hours before they must be moved. Please see the Street and Traffic bylaw for the definition of an RV.

I drive a truck home from work. May I park my truck on the street in front of my residence?
Only trucks under 4,500kg and less than 6.1m in length may park on the street, unless posted otherwise. All other trucks must be parked on private property off of City streets.

Can I get a residential parking permit?
You may live on a block that allows residents to be exempt from the posted time restrictions. Please read about the resident-exempt parking program for more information.

My neighbour has lots of vehicles which take all the parking spaces on the street. What can I do about this?
The street is open to public parking on a first come, first served basis; however, the vehicles must be operational, licensed and moved every 72 hours.

Can I park in a lane or alley?
No. Parking is not permitted in any lanes in the City. The only exception is a commercial vehicle while actually engaged in loading or unloading. Commercial vehicles must park so that there is at least 3m (approx. 10') of clearance to allow for passage of other vehicles.

Can I park on the sidewalk portion of my driveway?

Can I create a parking area between the sidewalk and curb from concrete or gravel?

I've just seen a dangerously parked vehicle. What can I do about it?
If you observe a vehicle that is dangerously parked, please report it to the City's Bylaw Enforcement Officers at 604-982-8302 (or after office hours contact the RCMP non emergency number 604-985-1311).

What do I do if I receive a parking ticket?
You will have to either pay or challenge the issue of the ticket. More information can be found on Parking Notice Payments and Disputes.

What happens if I do not pay my parking tickets?
If your car has received multiple parking tickets and you are found again illegally parked, your car may be towed. Please respect the parking restrictions.

Why did I get a ticket even though I moved my car?
With timed parking it is NOT permitted to move your vehicle a few car spaces, or to move it to the other side of the street after the allocated time has expired. This will result in a parking ticket. Your allotted time spans the entire city block upon which you are parked.

My street is too narrow to allow parking on both sides and for a fire truck to pass. What should I do?
Please contact our office at or 604-983-7333 so we can investigate this safety concern.

Can I load or unload anywhere?
Never park on the sidewalk or grass boulevard to load or unload. This practice has resulted in damage to our sidewalks and pedestrian trips/falls in the past.

What do I do if I wish to dispute my parking ticket?
Go to our Parking Notice Payments and Disputes page for more information.

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