Traffic Signs & Signals

Movement in and out of the City is dependent on a well-functioning transportation system. Traffic signals and signs are seen as the administrators of such a system, controlling the flow of people and goods through timing, coordination and precision.

The City maintains 71 traffic signals comprised of: 52 vehicle and pedestrian actuated traffic signals, 11 pedestrian-actuated traffic signals and 8 special crosswalks with flashing yellow lights.

The majority of traffic signals in the City are coordinated with one another to keep traffic flowing on our major streets.  Coordination of traffic signals means that they all run the same cycle length and each signal assigns a ‘window’ for each direction of travel.  This means that sometimes you may have to wait for your turn when arriving at a signal that is red, even if there isn’t any traffic right at that moment.

If you have arrived just as the ‘window’ for your green light has closed, you will have to wait for the next cycle before your turn comes up.  During peak periods such as the morning and evening rush hours, we try to keep this wait to a maximum of about a minute.  Please don’t ‘rock’ your car back and forth over the sensors, this can actually increase your wait time if you just so happen to drive off the sensor at the wrong time.

If you are cyclist, most sensors are able to detect metal wheeled bicycles, simply stop in a position where both wheels are over top of the in-road wires as shown below.  Bicycles with carbon fibre wheels and/or spokes will not get detectedSome riders glue a small rare earth magnet to the bottom of their shoe and stop with the magnet on the in-road wire.  If you know of a signal that is difficult to actuate, please let us know


By continually looking for ways to enhance the operation of our traffic signals along major corridors, the City aims to improve efficiency and reduce traffic congestion, especially during peak periods.  If you notice something that you think needs improving please email

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