2012 Recipients

Youth Recognition Awards

The following 15 individuals were selected for a Youth Recognition Award for outstanding personal achievement or development:

  • Shayan Behnia-Tehrani
  • Michelle Cristobal
  • Liam Diamond
  • Ryan Dunbar
  • Sara Eftekhar
  • Sumin Ashley Lee
  • Kathleen Le Sage
  • Sepand Moalej
  • Greta Rutka
  • Vita Sackville-Hii
  • Zach Smith
  • Grace Takeda
  • Nik Termansen
  • Thomas Vigor
  • Frederick Weaver

Youth Community Enhancement Awards

The following 20 individuals were selected for the Youth Community Enhancement Award for outstanding community service.

  • David Balun
  • Arian Ebrahimy
  • Adrian Heieis
  • George Hill
  • Grace Hwang
  • Karim Kadi
  • Sogol Khadivi
  • Carly Millard
  • Briana Mussatto
  • Cody Perrin
  • Aidan Prem
  • Max Reilly
  • Naomi Reuveny
  • Ross Ryken
  • Prabhjot Singh
  • Ella Adkins, Terry-Dayne Beasley, Ursula Biehl, Leah Newson, Eric Warner

Random Acts of Kindness Awards

The following individual was selected for the Random Acts of Kindness Award.

  • Chris Vanderkooy

Outstanding Youth Team Award

This school-based special group received an Outstanding Youth Team Award.

Together Against Plastic Water Bottles Campaign (Carson Graham Secondary School)

  • Aya Anholt
  • Leighton Belagno
  • Mariah Collins
  • Sarah Duggan
  • Shannon Ghallager
  • Rachel Gibson
  • Veronica Logelin
  • Sydney MacLennan
  • Emily Milne
  • Caitlyn Minions
  • Cheyenne Moorhouse
  • Melissa Plisic
  • Taylor Sacré

Outstanding Supporter of Youth Award

Five adults were selected for an Outstanding Supporters of Youth Award.

  • Margaret Bingham
  • Cynthia Bunbury
  • Christopher Campbell
  • Stephen Garland
  • Janice Hilliard

Outstanding Youth Friendly Business

  • Neptune Bulk Terminals

City Youth Centennial Scholarships

The City's Youth Centennial Scholarships are provided to students who have demonstrated outstanding community service and plan to pursue post-secondary education. This year five scholarships were awarded.

  • Elizabeth Hughes
  • Bani Li
  • Serina McIsaac
  • Sharon Oceguera
  • Roya Rahmanian
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