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Studio in the City

Studio in the City is an annual program that provides youth ages 15 - 19 with opportunities to apprentice in the arts on various canvases and landscapes throughout the City of North Vancouver. Studio in the City is a City of North Vancouver youth employment program that partners with supporters of the arts; including Lonsdale Quay Market, Artists for Kids, the Vancouver Biennale, and the Digital Media Academy. Applications are usually accepted in May/June each year. If you are interested in the years program contact us at


Studio in the City 12 | The Village

Application Deadline: 4pm June 14, 2019 

Studio in the City 12 will pursue interactive art and how it connects to the neighborhood of Queensbury Village. Students will work with two artist mentors to create functional art pieces which will enhance the neighborhood, build upon the vibrancy of the Village and explore how art can impact a streetscape. Student skills will be focused on design, consultation, and creating sculpture-like pieces as part of the program.

To apply to the program please complete the 2 application form and email it to

Download application form

Studio in the City 11 | Laneway 45

Local Artist Mark Ollinger along with the help of Harrison Clark, Kiana Delsouz, Grace Gale, Abby Graham, Emma Jeffrey, Clarice Mah, Liam McAdam and Mika Yekrangian came together to pay homage to Lower Lonsdale's very own Veterans club. Through art, they bring to life symbolic images which are derived from this historic building and its people. The colours, imagery, and geometric shapes which compose the background, all hold great significance, and each have their own story to be told. 

Thanks to the City of North Vancouver for funding "Laneway 45" and for giving opportunities to our local artists through its annual "Studio in the City” program".

This project in partnership with the North Vancouver Arts Council is about the history of the Army & Navy organization on 3rd St. off Lonsdale Avenue. The colour scheme of the mural draws from the colours of the ANAVETS logo with elements from army, navy and air force revealed through discrete colour changes within the geometric pattern. The colours chosen are pulled directly from the organization's crest. This mural hopes to transform this unused space in our community and generate a creative public space for the public to enjoy.

"This design aims to keep true to veterans who have served our country, and to what the organization stands for. The shapes that make up the mural were built using a Canadian Air Force saying, Per Ardua Ad Astra, which means through Adversity to the Stars"
- Mark Ollinger 

Studio in the City 10 | Fun Alley

Studio in the City 10 enlivened a public alley creating a fun, inviting and unique space. Guided by a local street artist, participants worked to design, promote, document and animate a lower Lonsdale alley to make it a talk-about and instagrammable zone.

Studio in the City 9

The theme for Studio in the City 9 was The Art of Placemaking. Led once again by Creative Director, Sierra Tasi-Baker, young artists worked individually and in teams to create public art around the City. Projects included painting two pianos for the Pianos on the Streets program (Civic Plaza and Lonsdale Quay) and many projects which were installed at or near Lonsdale Quay such as a new mural, “Shadows”, the “Conversation Umbrella”, “Hydrology Reflected” and more! Look for them next time you are down at the Quay!


Studio in the City 8

Random Acts of Art was the theme of the 8th annual Studio in the City team.  Led by Creative Director, Sierra Tasi-Baker, teams of young artists created Random Acts of Art around the City.  These included painting the Piano in the Plaza, creating Rain Art in Civic Plaza and “Evolution”, A Claymation Short as well as many others!  These projects can be viewed in the videos below:

Studio in the City 7

MOMEN7UM was created by the 7th Annual Studio in the City team of young artists. Inspired to create an opportunity for youth and adults to interact, Studio in the City designed an interactive art piece to bring play back into our lives and community.

MOMEN7UM was brought to life by creating a transparent stand-up seesaw, filled with tubes of colourful liquid creating an added element of movement and vibrancy. MOMEN7UM can be found outside City Hall, come play!

Here's a video about Studio in The City 7: MOMEN7UM.

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