Interment Options

The North Vancouver Cemetery offers columbarium niches, in-ground cremation space, and in-ground burial space as final resting places.

Full Burial Lots

Adult full burial lots are either single casket or double depth casket lots. They include lawn crypt lots which have a pre-constructed and pre-buried concrete vault which holds the casket(s). Each lot will hold an additional four urns of cremated remains. These lots may be purchased at time of need.

Cremation Lots

Cremation lots hold two urns of cremated remains. Cremation lots may only be purchased at time of need.


A columbarium is an above ground structure specifically designed to hold containers of cremated remains. Each compartment (niche) holds two urns. Niches in the columbarium may be purchased in advance.

For more information about interment options at the North Vancouver Cemetery, please contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator.

Contact Info

Michelle Moore
Cemetery Services Coordinator
Tel: 604-983-7351

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