Bylaw Adjudication Process

The City of North Vancouver has implemented a Bylaw Adjudication System, which allows the City to resolve minor bylaw disputes at the local level rather than through the Provincial Court system. Previously, anyone wishing to dispute a bylaw ticket had to appear in a BC Provincial Court, an expensive and time-consuming process. With the Bylaw Adjudication System, a provincially appointed adjudicator, centrally located at City Hall, hears all disputes.

Disputing a Bylaw Ticket

To dispute a bylaw ticket, contact Bylaw Services within 14 days of receiving the ticket. The person disputing the ticket (disputant) will have the opportunity to speak with a Screening Officer. The Screening Officer will review the ticket and cancel it if appropriate. If the ticket is not cancelled, it will be paid or forwarded to the Hearing Coordinator.


If going forward to adjudication, the disputant will select their preferred method for the hearing - mail, fax, phone, email or in person.

A date for adjudication will be provided and take place at North Vancouver City Hall. An adjudication fee of $25 and fine is collected only if the ticket is upheld.

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