Walk, Roll or Ride to Work and School this Fall

September 1, 2021

The City of North Vancouver is encouraging residents to rethink their commute this fall and try greener and healthier ways to get to school, work and other activities.

A new City campaign, Walk Roll Ride, is highlighting the benefits and opportunities for walking, cycling, car sharing and using transit and other sustainable modes of travel around the City as residents return to fall activities. During the month of September, residents who share a positive Walk Roll Ride experience on social media with the hashtag #WalkRollRideCNV will be entered in a draw for one of five one-month Compass Card passes. Details can be found at cnv.org/travel.

“Safe and efficient mobility across the community is important for all people,” said Mayor Linda Buchanan. “For too long cars have been the default mode of transportation, but this isn’t working anymore. That’s why the City is delivering infrastructure and services to make it easier for us to move in new ways. Walk Roll Ride will support people of all ages and abilities as we embrace healthier and more sustainable modes of transportation.”

Choosing a greener way to go – such as walking children to school, taking transit to work or cycling to the gym – can reduce stress, improve health and help you get to know your community better. It also reduces pollution and traffic congestion, and typically costs less than driving a vehicle. During rush hour, it can even be faster.

A number of initiatives and upgrades in the last 18 months have made it easier than ever to walk, roll or ride around City as residents rediscover alternative ways of getting around. 

Transit connections across the North Shore and to other parts of the region have seen multiple improvements. The new R2 RapidBus provides a faster connections between Park Royal and Phibbs Exchange, with buses arriving every ten minutes during peak periods. The new 222 Phibbs Exchange/Metrotown Station bus service takes less than 25 minutes. SeaBus riders are getting to downtown Vancouver faster with the return of more frequent sailings. Local bus and SeaBus riders have also been enjoying the major upgrades at the Lonsdale Transit Exchange, including improved lighting, accessibility features, customer spaces and more.

The City of North Vancouver is a pedestrian-friendly community, multi-use pathways such as the Green Necklace loop trail and waterfront-oriented Spirit Trail, initiatives such as a Walk CNV plan to make walking an attractive and convenient choice. Projects to help students get safely to school, such as a walking school bus program will launch this fall at local public elementary schools.

Biking options expanded last year with improvements to the 1st Street Mobility Corridor between MacKay Road and West 3rd Street that received the 2021 HUB Bike Award for infrastructure for its protected bike lane, intersection upgrades and improved sightlines. 

Planning is also under way for the Esplanade Complete Street, another project of the City’s Safe Mobility Strategy to improve how people get around the City. 

Tapping into the popularity of electric bicycles, the City of North Vancouver launched a two-year E-Bike Share pilot program this summer in partnership with the District of North Vancouver that allows participants to rent an e-bike from a variety of locations through the Lime app. Information is posted at cnv.org/ebikeshare

Car-sharing services such as Evo and Modo, which provide electric and hybrid options, offer other greener alternatives for getting around the City. The City also encourages the use of electric vehicles (EVs) with an Electric Vehicle Strategy that supports the increased use of EVs in the community and in the City fleet.

Covering all aspects of sustainable modes of transportation, the Walk Roll Ride campaign ties in with Council’s Strategic Priority to create A Connected City, as well as the City’s Official Community Plan to encourage alternate modes of transportation for commuting and recreational trips. 

Visit cnv.org/travel for more information about the campaign and tips on ways to Walk Roll Ride more often in the City.

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