The City of North Vancouver and Lonsdale Energy Corp Secure Potential New Sustainable Heat Source

November 20, 2014
The City of North Vancouver, Lonsdale Energy Corp (LEC) and Until We Meet Again (UWMA) have partnered to investigate a creative and unique new sustainable alternative heat source to City residents.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the three parties, agreeing to collaborate on a waste heat recovery project which is to provide new energy and continue to meet the City’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We believe this is the first such heat source process in North America,” says Ben Themens, Director, Lonsdale Energy Corporation. “This new initiative allows LEC to deliver even more heat and continue to play a key role in building a sustainable community. By utilizing the by-product of an established business and converting it into heat and hot water for local homes, we are showing our commitment to delivering environmental benefits and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the City.” 

UWMA, a local company, owns and operates three industrial natural gas fired pet crematories in the City. The byproduct of their business is exhaust flue gases at high temperatures. LEC plans to harness this by-product by installing a flue gas-to-hot water heat exchanger, hot water circulation pumps, hot water distribution pipes and other components to operate a waste heat recovery system and connect into the LEC distribution network.  “We are proud to have the opportunity to further enhance our operations and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” says UWMA owner, Kevin Woronchak.

The agreement calls for LEC to provide a feasibility study for the project. The City of North Vancouver will contribute towards the study.  The new heat recovery project could be in operation for the 2015-2016 heating season.

Meanwhile, the Lonsdale Energy Corporation has received the prestigious 2014 Business Excellence Award from the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has recognized LEC in the area of ‘innovation’ for its creative approach to business growth, success in unique business methods and reaching new markets.

Wholly-owned by the City of North Vancouver and established in 2003, the Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC) is an award winning district energy system. LEC is providing dependable, clean, and competitively priced energy to 54 buildings totaling over 3,700,000 square feet, including nearly 3,200 residential suites as well as numerous commercial and institutional premises such as the HOpe Centre, Pinnacle Hotel, Queen Mary School and the School District 44 Head Office. By heating our community naturally, the City of North Vancouver can significantly reduce the demand for energy and support global and local climate action efforts.

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For more information please contact: Connie Rabold, Communications Manager, City of North Vancouver
Tel: 604-983-7383 | Email:

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