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141 West 14th Street
North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9

Office Phone: 604-998-3280
Fax: 604-990-4211


1993 to 2005 (as Councillor) and 2005 to present (as Mayor)

It is my privilege and an honour to serve this community for a fourth term as Mayor of the City of North Vancouver. Over the next four years, I will continue to deliver positive leadership in our City - leadership that unites and strengthens our community and ensures that the City of North Vancouver remains sustainable in every sense - environmentally, socially and economically. Council will continue to listen to our citizens and respond to their desire for us to develop a leading community for all. We will continue to look for new and innovative ways to engage our citizens in the civic process, and will offer many opportunities to provide valuable input to make our City an even better place to live, work and play.

Dealing with the issues of affordable housing and homelessness remain top priorities. As a Council, we need to work with our partners, and demonstrate leadership in welcoming new and creative housing projects. Council will continue to support community non-profits to promote the well-being of our residents through the wonderful services that they provide, and will continue to implement the policies and strategies that make a difference in people's lives. We need to develop a vision for our City that shows leadership in embracing the needs and desires of younger generations, ensuring the City is a welcoming place where young families can thrive and participate in community life. These and other important values need to find a prominent place in our new Official Community Plan.

This Council will also continue its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the expansion of the award winning Lonsdale Energy Corporation, and working on GHG reductions both in City operations and the community. Encouraging people to choose walking, biking or public transit instead of using their personal vehicle is another important way we can reduce GHGs - as well as support a healthy population.

Sustainability also has a financial component - especially in an era of global economic uncertainty. In confronting this uncertainty, the City has many advantages: it has no debt, has substantial financial reserves, and has a strategy to maintain and upgrade our essential services infrastructure using prudent asset management strategies. It is vital for us to ensure that we are spending taxpayer dollars as efficiently and wisely as possible.

In the coming year, we will see the completion of the City's final sections of the Spirit Trail. I will lead Council in making decisions about the future of some important projects such as the City waterfront property at the Shipyards site, the Foot of Lonsdale, Harbourside area and Harry Jerome Recreation Centre. In spring 2015 Metro Vancouver residents will be making an important decision on the future of transit funding in our region. I have worked hard with fellow Mayors to present a vision to the community that would ensure a strong and efficient transit system for many years to come. As chair of the Metro Vancouver Utilities Committee, I continue to work with Metro Vancouver and other North Shore municipalities on the replacement and upgrading of the aging Lions Gate sewage treatment facility. Securing funding for this and for other services and amenities that the public needs and desires is very challenging. Council will consult extensively with our citizens and review all options - including optimizing the shared delivery of services with our neighbouring North Shore municipalities.

This Council will continue to build a community that brings people together to celebrate and connect. We look forward to a stronger, more vibrant City where everybody matters, a place everybody can call home.


Mr. Darrell Mussatto is serving his fourth term on City Council as Mayor. Previously, he served four terms as Councillor and participated actively on community advisory committees. Mayor Mussatto is also a Director at Metro Vancouver, serving as Chair of the Utilities Committee, Vice Chair of the Regional Economy Task Force, and as a member of the Finance and Intergovernment, Regional Planning, Performance and Audit and  Mayors committees, and the Building Project Task Force and Regional Homelessness Task Force.

Mayor Mussatto's priority issues are sustainability, affordability and homelessness. He is passionate about making the City a place where the benefits of growth are shared by all, supporting affordable housing initiatives, social programs, and new parks and trails. He is committed to lowering the City's carbon footprint by making the City more bike-friendly, reducing energy use, managing our liquid and solid waste in a more environmentally friendly way, supporting urban gardening and expanding the award winning Lonsdale Energy Corporation.

A paramedic with B.C. Ambulance Service for 30 years, Mayor Mussatto garnered the B.C. Ambulance Services Executive Director's Commendation in 1995. In 1991, he received the Red Cross Community Service Award.

Mayor Mussatto holds a BA and Professional Teaching Certificate, as well as a Health and Fitness Certificate from Simon Fraser University.

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Mayor Mussatto continues to make his home in the City, and is honoured to serve this community in his role as Mayor of the City of North Vancouver.

Local & Regional Appointments

City appointments:

  • Finance Committee (Chair)
  • Policy Committee
  • Parks and Recreation Committee
  • Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel
  • Civic Naming Committee
  • North Vancouver Policing Committee
  • Gardens Review Board - Park & Tilford Gardens

Metro Vancouver appointments:

  • Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
  • Utilities Committee (Chair)
  • Regional Economy Task Force (Vice Chair)
  • Finance and Intergovernment Committee
  • Mayors' Committee
  • Performance and Audit Committee
  • Regional Planning Committee
  • Building Project Task Force
  • Regional Homelessness Task Force

Other appointments:

  • Municipal Finance Authority (Director)
  • Community Energy Association (Chair)

Meetings With Mayor Mussatto

Mayor Mussatto is committed to an open and responsive local government, and aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment at City Hall. Public consultation is encouraged, as well as private meetings with the Mayor.

Members of the public are invited to meet with Mayor Mussatto at City Hall on a regular basis to discuss any concerns, issues or suggestions. To book an appointment, please contact Maria Capostinsky or Holly Atkinson at 604-998-3280 or book an appointment online at

Sustainability Message From Mayor Mussatto

Are we doing enough to create the kind of community we want to live in 10, 20 or 50 years from now? The City's award-winning Lonsdale Energy Corporation, now using solar energy in Central Lonsdale, and our new Long Term Transportation Plan focusing on walking, biking and transit are a start. As well, our successful stormwater management, curbside recycling, sustainable development guidelines, and network of parks and greenways make the City's total per capita greenhouse gas emissions 56% less than the BC provincial average.

But is this enough? Climate change scientists have already noted the shrinking snow pack on our North Shore mountains, and say this will present long-term changes for our community. While our successes are noteworthy and receiving attention, we can't be complacent. We must keep moving forward. The City is actively working with Metro Vancouver on solid and liquid waste plans. LEC is looking to use air, ocean and geothermal energy for cooling and heating. The Edible Garden Project is inspiring us to grow our own food, and charging stations for zero emission electric vehicles are now available in our City. All these initiatives are leading towards lowering our carbon footprint.

North Vancouver City Council is committed to a more sustainable City. We recognize that sustainability needs a truly integrated approach - balancing social, economic and environmental priorities. When we reach for our car keys or put out a bag of garbage let's ask ourselves, how can we do things differently?

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