Water Conservation

There is no denying that we need water to survive. How much water do we actually need when we consider the parts of the world that do not have access to even half of the clean, fresh water we enjoy?

Despite the heavy rainfall in our region, water shortages do occur in the City. The limited storage capacity of our reservoirs means that much of the autumn rains and spring snow melt cannot be captured for use in the summer months when water consumption tends to be at its highest. The amount of water consumed in each household has been estimated to double during the summer.

Our growing population and increasing water demand is putting a strain on our water systems. When you add climate change and new technologies that use vast amounts of water to the mix, it becomes clear that conserving water is more important now than ever.

Water Conservation: What You Can Do

There are many ways that you can help to conserve water:

  1. Take advantage of water efficient appliance rebates
  2. Follow watering regulations during the summer months
  3. Get tips for being waterwise in and around your home
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