2019 Living City Grant Recipients

Cascadia Society for Social Working

For over 19 years, the Cascadia Society for Social Working has hosted shared homes and community inclusion day programs for adults with special needs in the City of North Vancouver. Their programs offer a variety of educational, skill-building and cultural experiences, including a daily gardening workshop where community members participate in composting, seeding, weeding and harvesting activities. The Cascadia Society is seeking funding to install a rainwater collection system in each of their two gardens to collect rainwater from roofs on the property and supply water for drip irrigation lines in the gardens.

North Shore Neighbourhood House, Edible Garden Project

The Edible Garden Project was established by the North Shore Neighbourhood House after food security on the North Shore was identified as a key priority during extensive community and stakeholder consultation. Loutet Farm, an initiative of the Edible Garden Project, produces locally-grown food for the community and provides opportunities for residents to learn about urban agriculture. The Edible Garden Project is seeking funding to establish and maintain two honey bee hives at Loutet Farm after their bee colonies collapsed last season. The new bee hives will offer greater pollination and increased yields in their produce fields and serve as an educational tool for school visits, a workshop series and community events. The funds would be used for the materials required to establish the bee colonies and to support an expert beekeeper to conduct regular inspections of the hives.

Gerry’s Garden Society

Established in 2008, Gerry’s Garden is a half acre community garden that is volunteer created and run. The space was previously covered in concrete, weeds and invasive plants before Gerry MacPherson and volunteers began to transform the area into a vibrant social meeting space that includes benches, paths, trees and habitats for birds, bees and butterflies. Gerry’s Garden has become a much loved asset to the community and is regularly visited by seniors, school children and residents alike. The Society is seeking funding to install shrubs, perennials and bedding plants to provide habitat for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, and continue to beautify the area for visitors to enjoy.

Lower Lonsdale Community Gardens

For the past 35 years, Lower Lonsdale Community Gardens has provided green space for residents and visitors to enjoy, and affordable garden plots to enable residents of multifamily buildings in the Lower Lonsdale area to grow their own fruit and vegetables. The Gardens have been at their current location on the corner of St. George’s Avenue and East 2nd Street since 2004 and the garden plots are now in need of repair. Funding from the Living City Grant program would be used to contract a carpenter and for materials to repair and replace garden plot boards, signage and the shed roof. Labour for the project would be provided by member volunteers who are committed to improving the safety, aesthetics and function of the gardens.

Lookout Housing & Health Society

Since 1971, the Lookout Housing and Health Society has offered a range of housing options, community resources and health services to marginalized individuals in communities across Metro Vancouver. The North Shore Housing Centre provides emergency shelter beds, transitional housing units, weather response mats and an outreach team to serve as a “social safety-net” to community members in need. The proposal is for a peer-run program to monitor and clean up the areas surrounding Mosquito Creek near the Lookout property. Under the supervision of Lookout staff, guests and tenants would be provided with safety gear, supplies and training to pick up garbage, recycling and discarded clothing in the area, and be given small stipends to recognize their contributions of time and commitment.

Simon Fraser University, Pacific Water Research Centre

SFU’s Pacific Water Research Centre in the Faculty of Environment has developed a community-based volunteer Rain Garden Design Advisory Panel as a key component of their work to address complex water issues through community-engaged research. The Panel works with the North Shore municipalities and community groups to support the creation of new rain garden projects. The project proposal is for the development of a rain garden within a parking lot at Capilano Mall, in collaboration with QuadReal Property Group and the City Engineering Department. The goals of the project are to support the ecology of Mackay Creek, provide a demonstration project for commercial property owners and engage the community in positive, practical and achievable environmental action. Funding from the Living City Grant would be used to produce a short demonstration video, host a public workshop and help support a project coordinator.

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