2021 Living City Award Recipients

Note: due to the impact of COVID-19, no awards were given in 2020.

David Hancock, David Hancock Foundation

David Hancock established the David Hancock Foundation in 2006 with a vision to promote the appreciation and conservation of wildlife and their habitats through science, education, and stewardship. He is an expert in bald eagle adaptations to the urban environment and is involved with a variety of bald eagle projects including the live streaming of eagles’ nests and consulting on bald eagle mitigation programs. This work includes eagle nest relocations on the North Shore. In 2020, David was involved with a project that successfully relocated an active eagles’ nest located near the Spirit Trail to accommodate a new development. The Province agreed to the removal request from the developer if a mitigation plan was developed for the relocation of the nest. David was instrumental in providing guidance for the project which informed a relocation plan in partnership with the City of North Vancouver, Squamish Nation, Concert Properties, and the North Shore Eagle Network. The nest was relocated nearby and the pair of eagles have since successfully returned and begun rebuilding. 

Paul Berlinguette, North Shore Wetland Partners Society

This nomination is in memory of Paul Berlinguette who ran the North Shore Wetlands Partner Society with his partner Fiona Wright. It is with a heavy heart that we note that, since the initial nomination, he has passed away. Paul established the North Shore Wetlands Partner Society in 2004, an organization self-described as, “a small group of dedicated volunteers networking with as many stakeholders as they can to educate about, protect, enhance and restore north shore wetland ecosystems, from estuaries to mountain tarns.” The Society monitors a number of wetlands on the North Shore, runs technical workshops, brings together environmental organizations to collaborate, and spends countless hours organizing volunteers and carrying out restoration work. Recently, they have been involved in the MacKay Creek restoration project to revitalize the urban waterway. Paul was a relentless advocate for nature and was involved with many aspects of environmental protection and enhancement work through his leadership of the North Shore Wetland Partners Society. His passion will be remembered by many and his impact on our community will not be forgotten.

Annette Kim, Bean Around the World (5th & Chesterfield)

The Bean Around the World coffee shop is located on Chesterfield Avenue at 5th Street in the City. In 2020, they began working towards their goal of becoming the first zero waste coffee shop in North Vancouver. They successfully implemented a discount program for customers who bring their own mugs to decrease the number of disposable cups distributed, which they were able to safely implement during the pandemic. They have also undertaken a number of actions to divert waste in their store such as providing zero waste stations at their front and back of house, working with a local company specializing in recycling coffee shop waste, and proactively seeking out coaching to further reduce their waste through the City’s Zero Waste Coach program and Ocean Ambassadors Canada. By implementing these initiatives, they now produce less than a quarter of an 89 cm x 127 cm garbage bag per day which is a 95% reduction in the waste they produced prior to these programs. They also communicate about their zero waste initiatives through their social media platforms in an effort to educate customers and the local community. 

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