2017 Living City Award Recipients

Queen Mary School Green Team – Sustainable Transportation

Through their participation in the City’s School Travel Planning program, this creative group of students , teachers and parents created a “Walk/ Wheel on Wednesday” Program where students pledged to commute to school every Wednesday using active transportation. The students energetically promoted the events with announcements and posters. Every Wednesday, Green Team members greeted students with treats and prizes upon arrival to school. The Green Team has been noted in the North Shore News for their Walk/ Wheel on Wednesday Program, as well as for their “You are Awesome” campaign, where students give a surprise award to those commuting in a healthy active way.

Communication Department, North Vancouver School District – Sustainable Transportation

Deneka Michaud and her communications team at the North Vancouver School District have found new and creative ways to engage parents about the lifestyle benefits of active transportation through the use of social media, videos, website material and infographics. They have made parents feel they are a part of the school community and have done an amazing job in promoting active and safe routes to school. Through showcasing activities within the schools in a visual way and promoting walking and biking to school for the benefit of physical, social and mental health, they have increased awareness of active transportation in the parent population.

Rob Matthies, Education and Awareness

Rob has been featured in Vancouver and Canadian Business Magazines for his Revived Battery Electric Pickup Truck. His white 1982 GMC pickup is powered by thirty batteries of different sizes and voltages that were all previously dead or discarded. Rob is also the founder of the Solar Powered Road Show, where he provides demonstrations and presentations at many events around Metro Vancouver. The Solar Powered Roadshow demonstrates solar power through fun activities such as solar robot races and workshops on solar oven making.

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