Climate Action

Sustainability and climate protection have been a part of the City's core values, policies and programs for many years.  That’s why we have progressive policies and initiatives in place to reduce the emissions from buildings, transportation and solid waste in our community.

Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve a target of net zero or a 100% reduction in community-wide emissions by 2050.  We invite you to follow the links below and learn more about the City’s climate action initiatives.

The effects of climate change can already be felt with higher temperatures, wetter winters and drier summers. Now extreme weather events are common place. 
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key sustainability initiative as envisioned in the City's Official Community Plan (OCP).

In 2017, the City’s Corporate Climate Action Plan underwent a comprehensive analysis to measure progress to date in reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the City’s operations.

The City established a dedicated Carbon Reserve Fund with funds set aside annually for emissions reduction projects.

Street trees help mitigate the effects of climate change assisting the City in meeting our community's goal of reducing our Green House Gas emissions and making our City more green.
Want to make a positive difference on our local environment? The City is committed to increase environmental sustainability by integrating education, cooperation and action.
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