Who May Vote?

The 2018 Election is Over.
See Election Results at cnv.org/2018ElectionResults

To vote in the City of North Vancouver election, you must:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen
  • Be 18 years of age or older on General Voting Day
  • Be a resident of the City of North Vancouver for at least 30 days before General Voting Day
  • Have been a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months before General Voting Day
  • Not be disqualified from voting in an election
  • Be a qualified property elector (non-resident property owner)

Corporations, businesses and permanent residents of Canada (landed immigrants) who have not yet become Canadian Citizens are not permitted to vote.

Who is on the List of Electors?

The City of North Vancouver takes its List of Electors from Elections BC. If you were listed on the Provincial Voters List, you should be on the City's List of Electors.

Voting Day Registration

If you're not on the City's List of Electors, and didn't register during the advance elector registration period, you can still register to vote on Voting Day (i.e. Advance Voting Days and General Voting Day). You must provide two pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). For example: Driver's Licence, Car Insurance, BC ID Card, Utility Bill, Rent Receipt, Tax Bill, Credit Card, Care Card, or Student Card.

Non-Resident Property Electors (i.e., those who own property in the City but live elsewhere) must produce two pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity; as well as proof that they are entitled to register in relation to property, and, if applicable, written consent from the other property owners. A property tax notice or certificate of title are acceptable proof of ownership.

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