The North Vancouver City Fire Department (NVCFD) is committed to protecting life, property, and the environment. With 54 dedicated members to serve the City's approximately 53,000 citizens, the NVCFD works to ensure the safety of all who work and live in the community.

The Fire Department provides lots of information on safety tips, public education and more.

Contact Info

Emergency: 9-1-1

North Vancouver City Fire Department
165 East 13th Street, North Vancouver
Non Emergency: 604-980-5021

Public Safety Director and Fire Chief
Greg Schalk
Tel: 604-904-5201

Deputy Fire Chief – Prevention and Public Safety
Dave Owens
Tel: 604-904-5206

Deputy Fire Chief – Operations
Jason de Roy
Tel: 604-904-5204

Assistant Fire Chief – Emergency Planning & Support
Andrew Payne
Tel: 604-904-5349

Assistant Fire Chief – Operations & Support
Mike Danks
Tel: 604-904-5203

Training Officer
Tyler Lentsch
Tel: 604-904-5205

Administrative Assistant
Victoria Forman
Tel: 604-904-5212

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