Sustainable Transportation in the City

The City is exploring ways it can manage existing transportation infrastructure, provide attractive services and facilities to encourage alternative modes, and develop supportive strategies using a demand-oriented approach. A key direction from the City's Official Community Plan (OCP) and long-term Transportation Plan is to reduce reliance on single-occupant travel.

Travel Demand Management (TDM) is a term used to represent various policies and programs to encourage people to walk, bike, use transit and rideshare, and to discourage individuals from driving alone.

The TDM Strategy is a major component of the City's long-term Transportation Plan and in addition to the municipal programs, it includes initiatives from the regional level, private sector and other agencies. The key elements of the City's TDM Strategy are outlined below.

Integrated Land Use & Transportation Planning

Land use policies and decisions within the City can have the greatest influence on travel demands and transportation choices. To that end, the TDM strategy highlights those land use policy directions contained in the OCP that are fundamental to building a sustainable transportation system.

Parking Management Strategies

One of the ways to discourage excessive vehicle use and encourage the use of alternative transportation is to limit the supply of parking. The City is presently considering several recommended parking supply strategies, including bylaw parking maximums, reduced and flexible bylaw requirements, restriction of principal use facilities, and parking permit areas.


The City recognizes that in order to encourage other agencies and private sector businesses to implement TDM programs, it must lead by example. At City Hall, City staff are encouraged to use alternate forms of transportation. The City is also setting a standard at the operations level. As a Charter Member of the E3 (Energy, Environment, Excellence) Fleet Rating System, the City is part of a nation-wide program that recognizes the green performance and environmental best practices of the City and its fleet of service vehicles.

Education & Awareness

The move toward greener transportation choices is a topical issue, but some residents may not be aware of the options available to them in the City. This component of the TDM strategy aims to encourage more City residents to make changes to their travel behaviour and opt for more sustainable modes of transportation such as public transitcycling or walking.

The City also encourages residents and visitors to use safe travel practices and be respectful of all street and pathway users. For more information on how to use the various transportation facilities in the City, visit the Look Think Go section.


TravelSmart North Shore aims to help you travel smarter and more sustainably. TravelSmart encourages everyone to get out of their cars once a week to enjoy their community by walking, cycling and taking transit. Being TravelSmart is about everyone doing their part to build a healthier, more livable community for us all.

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