Utility Rates

Utility Bills Due February 28, 2022

A 5% penalty will apply to any unpaid balance after February 28, 2022; an additional 5% penalty will apply to any unpaid balance after April 29, 2022.

Utility statements may be paid online through most financial institutions - contact your financial institution for details. See the back of your bill for all payment options.

The City of North Vancouver’s utility rates are calculated each year to ensure effective and sustainable delivery of water and sewer services to the community, now and in the future. The annual utility bills generate the revenue needed to fully fund the cost of the City’s utilities, including:

  • Annual operations, maintenance and upgrading programs
  • Long-term infrastructure replacement
  • Water supply and sewage treatment from Metro Vancouver

The City works to limit the increase in utility costs each year.


2022 Utility Rates

See your bill for rates for other housing types such as duplexes, coach houses and secondary suites.

 2022 Utilities  Single-unit homes  Multi-unit homes
Water $545  $320
Sewer $496  $309
  $1,041  $629

Impact of Regional Increases

The largest portion of utility costs are for the purchase of drinking water and treatment of sewage, payable to Metro Vancouver. The breakdown is shown below.

Over the coming years, there will be significant increases in sewer costs related to the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant, a project needed to improve the quality of the treated wastewater released into Burrard Inlet.

The City has set up a funding plan to help smooth future rate increases for property owners. A portion of each year’s utility fees is placed into a reserve to be used to reduce rate increases.


Utility Account Information

Property owners can to view their own utility transactions, balances, and billing summaries from current and previous years through the City's online Utility Account Information Service.

To access this information you'll require your account number and access code, which can be found on your utility notice.


Contact Information

City of North Vancouver Property Tax Office
Tel: 604-983-7316
Email: tax@cnv.org

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