M4 Industrial Zoning Amendment

The City is investigating amending its Zoning Bylaw in order to permit provincially-licensed lounges accessory to industrial brewing and distilling uses without the need for site-by-site rezoning applications.

Located primarily in the 200-300 blocks of East Esplanade and East 1st Avenue, the M4 Industrial Commercial Zone is an important employment area in the heart of the City of North Vancouver. The City recognizes the value of the district’s industrial character and existing businesses and is exploring options to create a favourable environment for industrial uses that are focused on small-scale, artisanal and customer-focused production. The proposed amendments would allow lounges of a maximum of 80 sq. m. to be attached to breweries, subject to receiving provincial approval. The proposal would remove the requirement for a rezoning in order to permit a lounge in the subject area, but would continue to require public notification and input prior to approval of any new lounges.

A Policy Committee Meeting took place on February 4th, 2019 after which Council directed staff to prepare a Zoning Bylaw amendment that prioritizes industrial production, and supports small businesses in achieving their required provincial licenses.

Should you have any questions or comments concerning the proposed rezoning, please contact Mike Friesen, Planner, for more information. He can be reached at mfriesen@cnv.org or 604.990.4206

Public Hearing

Date and time to be determined.

Please see check back soon for updates or see upcoming Council Meeting Agendas for more information.

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