Business Licences

Every business and registered non profit society operating in the City of North Vancouver - including those located in private residences - is required to have a valid business licence.

'Business' is defined as carrying on any commercial or industrial undertaking, and providing professional, personal or other services for the purpose of profit or gain. New or temporary businesses, and those that have changed location, changed ownership, or opened a new location, all require a new licence to operate in the City. Registered non profit societies delivering a service in the City of North Vancouver require a business licence.

The City's Business Licence Bylaw outlines fee structures and the renewal process. Depending on the nature of your business, licence fees will vary. This is determined by the number of people working, the amount of space occupied or other criteria as specified in the Business Licence Bylaw. A business licence is valid for one calendar year and automatic renewal notices are sent to each business owner every December.

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