Subdivisions allow for a tract of land to be surveyed and divided into lots which can then be marketed and sold. The process for applying and obtaining approval for subdivision in the City of North Vancouver is generally as follows.

If a preliminary application for subdivision has been approved, the applicant must submit payment and plans to be registered, reviewed and signed by the approving officer. This must be done within 120 days from the date of the approval letter. All copies of the servicing agreement and/or covenants must have been signed and received by the Engineering Department.

  • Two (2) duplicate original plans
  • Eight (8) white paper prints
  • Signatures of owner and ALL people with registered interest noted on every plan
  • Date surveyor completed work (date must be within the last two months)
  • A signature block for the approving officer
  • A copy of the letter of preliminary acceptance must accompany the submission
  • Requirements noted in the preliminary acceptance letter must be fulfilled, including covenants, rights-of-way agreements and payment of all servicing fees, deposits and DCC's

The Finance and Community Development Departments will return their respective comments to the Engineering Department. After review, the development officer will present the plans to the City Engineer for execution as approving officer. In addition, he/she will compose a letter of transmittal or, in the event the subdivision has not been approved, a letter of rejection. The subdivision plans will be forwarded to the applicant for registration at the land registry.

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