Property & Development

The City of North Vancouver is working to create a safe, vibrant, sustainable community for its citizens. As the City delivers new services and amenities to residents, the public is encouraged to participate in open discussions and the decision making process.

If you're a developer interested in working with the City because you see the community's potential for growth and development, we look forward to building a partnership with you.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to add to the City's business landscape, we welcome your ideas.

The City advises residents and commuters to expect minor traffic delays and parking disruptions and to choose an alternate route if possible.

Access information to help guide the planning, building and/or development of your project.

Apply or renew a business licence and access a variety of related information to start or operate a business in the City.

If you're developing or renovating a property for business or residential purposes, there are a number of zoning regulations you must consider.

Find out how to book a location, review the City's filming policy and browse popular locations and new opportunities.

LEC is an award winning district energy system that provides energy to buildings in Lower and Central Lonsdale.

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