Living Lane

Welcome to our pocket plaza: Living Lane

Living Lane Alley, located between 100 and 130 Lonsdale Avenue (view on Google Maps), is part of the City’s PLAY initiative to turn public spaces into people spaces. The Play program works with residents, business and the community to transform Living Lane into a vibrant community space with seating, greenery, and interactive public art.

Living Lane aims to transform an overlooked alley into a vibrant community space that inspires a mix of programming and installations. Community champions are encouraged to book Living Lane for a variety of activities including art, markets, music, food and small activations.

We've included a few of the versions of Living Lane over the past few years in the gallery below.


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As Living Lane continues to take shape and evolve, we encourage you to connect with and be part of making this laneway a vibrant space for everyone to enjoy.

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