Pianos on the Street

Unfortunately, due to COVID, Pianos on the Streets is not currently being offered. For more information on the City's current COVID situation, visit cnv.org/COVID-19.

The community piano in Civic Plaza is enjoyed by all ages, all skill levels and all genres of music, all day long.  Beginners, pros & dabblers fill Civic Plaza with live music throughout the summer.

The Pianos in the Street program is an initiative of Pacey’s Pianos and the Piano Teachers Federation in partnership with the City of North Vancouver, and North Vancouver Recreation and Culture.

Check out some of the magical moments we’ve captured in our Pianos on the Street Video Gallery.

piano in Civic Plaza

Contact Info

North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission
Anne Rodgers
Phone: 604-983-6346
Email: rodgersa@nvrc.ca
Web: www.nvrc.ca

Pianos on the Street
Phone: 604-732-8836
Web: www.pianosonthestreet.com

Pacey's Pianos
Phone: 604-732-8835
Email: info@paceyspianos.com
Web: www.paceyspianos.com

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