City Volleyball Courts

The City has volleyball courts in two locations:

  • Temporary volleyball courts located just east of the Dog Park at Kings Mill Walk Park in Harbourside.
  • A permanent beach volleyball court in Mahon Park.

The two courts at Harbourside are fenced and have stunning views of the water.

The court at Mahon is located behind the Fen Burdett grandstands, near the new pickleball courts.
Volleyball courts - Mahon


Programming & Booking

The City partners with the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission and BCO Volleyball to program the volleyball courts.

The courts are available for drop-in use. Rules for casual use will be posted onsite, and are similar to those employed on community tennis courts. Games and drop-in use should be limited to one hour when other players are waiting to use the courts. 

The court schedule for Mahon will be determined soon, based on community demand. During the following dates/times in 2021 the courts at Harbourside have been pre-booked and are unavailable for use:

  • July 3-September 5 | Saturdays & Sundays 8am-12pm
  • July 5-September 6 | Mondays & Tuesdays 9am-2pm
  • July 7-September 2 | Wednesdays & Thursdays 9am-12pm
Safe Use During COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, players must keep two metres between themselves and others at all times. For safety’s sake players must also:

  • Respect the 6 player maximum (3 per side)
  • Use the courts for skill development, not organized games
  • Not engage in blocking
  • Limit contact when using shared equipment

Book A Court

To reserve the courts or for more information, contact the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission (NVRCC) at 604-983-6318 (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm). NVRCC requires at least 24 hours to confirm and permit booking requests.

The hourly booking fee is $5.18 for adults and $2.07 for youth. You may book only one court at a time (maximum 2 hours), and once played, you may book another. One court must remain playable to the public.

Usage Guidelines

  • Courts usage is from 8am to dusk
  • Courts are for volleyball use only
  • No food, glass, or alcoholic beverages
  • No pets
  • Games and drop-in play should be limited to 1 hour when others are waiting
  • Unless booked, both courts are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Use of the facility is at your own risk

Join a Volleyball Team or League

Most teams and leagues are maintained by organizations that are affiliated with Sport BC. To find a team or league in your area, contact:

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