Lower Mackay Creek Enhancement

The Mackay Creek Flood Protection and Enhancement project is a joint City of North Vancouver – District of North Vancouver project. It aims to address flood protection on either side of Mackay Creek from Marine Drive to 3rd Street, in both the City and the District, and to enhance environmental values and transportation facilities. The project was funded by Emergency Management BC and the Build Canada program, with the Province and Federal Government contributing $1.65M.

The proposed project includes the following key components that achieve flood protection objectives and deliver additional services for City residents.  These include:

  • Replacement of the footbridge at Hamilton Avenue (west side of Capilano Mall) to provide greater flood capacity and better pedestrian and cycling services over Mackay Creek;
  • Construction of a section of dike and multi-use path on Mackay Road from West 3rd to Hamilton Avenue: to offer the first section of dike works and enhanced pedestrian and cycling facilities;
  • Construction of a secondary creek channel in Hyak Park to offer more flood capacity and additional environmental benefits;
  • Narrowing of Mackay Road (from Roosevelt Crescent to Churchill Crescent) to provide more flood capacity and increased environmental values, which will result in a one-way road with parking only on the west side of the street;
  • Drainage outfall improvements in the District – Lower Mackay Creek Park to limit instream outfall blockage and upgrading of numerous City outfalls; and
  • Replacement of an existing sewer main under Mackay Creek that limits the width of the Mackay Creek channel.

In addition to these flood protection benefits, TransLink grant funding will be utilized to extend the multi-use path to West 1st Street and to Marine Drive to improve the pedestrian and cycling connections. This section of road is part of the North Shore cycle network and extension of these multi-use paths will complete an improved north-south pedestrian and cycling connection, with a connection to the west at the new footbridge.

The location of this work is shown in the following figure.

The City will be delivering the construction of this project, which will being in September 2018 and will conclude in the Spring of 2019.

As part of the project, the District of North Vancouver will be reconfiguring Roosevelt Avenue to be a one-way road that provides for any loss of parking on Mackay Road between Roosevelt Crescent and Churchill Crescent.  The road narrowing will also include a sidewalk to improve the pedestrian connections at this location.

Constructing of dikes from Marine Drive to West 1st Street may still be part of future phases of work associated with this area to address long term flood protection needs. The current project has been designed to allow for this future work.

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Engineering, Parks and Environment Department
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