Heywood Park Habitat Enhancement

The City of North Vancouver is planning an aquatic habitat development project in Heywood Park on the east side of Mackay Creek. The project will develop new off-channel habitat pools to support habitat for the juvenile fish species that spend the first year of their lives in our streams. Mackay Creek currently supports Coho, Chum and Pink salmon, in addition to Cutthroat and Rainbow trout, although currently the abundance of fish in the system is not high. Typically, the lower reaches of the creek through Heywood Park are important for rearing and overwintering of juvenile salmon. The lower reaches are also be the first potential area to support returning spawning salmon.

This project is a great opportunity to enhance a series of drainage channels into off-channel habitat. It will increase the protected riparian habitat by creating wetland areas to minimize the contaminant load from nearby storm sewers, and it will in turn provide biodiversity to the creek. It will create various habitats for spawning salmon and resident trout species, improve instream habitat complexity, remove invasive species, and restore riparian areas lost from urbanization.

The project will take place throughout the fall of 2018, with phasing into early 2019. During this time, parts of the meadows will have limited access. The west trail network will remain open during the construction. Other landscape improvements will be considered, and may be implemented in later phasing of construction.

To learn more about the management of the City's creeks and streams visit Rain, Drains and Creeks

Contact Info

Engineering, Parks and Environment Department
Phone: 604-983-7333
Email: eng@cnv.org

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