MONOVA: Museum of North Vancouver

North Vancouver's stories live here.

When it opens in 2021, MONOVA: Museum of North Vancouver will transform the way we experience North Vancouver’s stories. You will find yourself drawn in to landscapes you knew nothing about, meeting people from different eras, and contemplating what it all means for our future.

To belong to a community means knowing its stories and experiences. Stories are the threads that weave us together and form the fabric of community. Museums are where communities discover themselves and grow strong and resilient. More than a museum — we’re building community.

Located at 115 West Esplanade in the heart of North Vancouver's Shipyards District, MONOVA will be well-situated adjacent to Lonsdale Quay, Polygon Gallery, and the SeaBus Terminal. In addition to being the new home of the restored Streetcar 153, the new purpose-built facility will be full of interactive multimedia exhibits, innovative programming and public gatherings. MONOVA will join the Archives of North Vancouver in Lynn Valley.

North Vancouver is fortunate to have a rich and storied past, an engaging present and promising future. Reflecting ancient cultures, resource-based and innovative industries, creative and energetic residents, as well as diverse communities, North Vancouver provides a rich tapestry of experiences for showcasing its story. It is the role of the Museum and Archives as the 'sole custodian of the City and District cultural, archival and museum collections' to collect and preserve the artifacts, documents and photographs, that reflect the rich story. MONOVA preserves historically valuable community records and artifacts; it makes them meaningful and accessible to the public by organizing exhibitions, delivering educational programs, caring for collections, and providing access to archival information.

Through the collections, MONOVA encourages residents and visitors to explore North Vancouver's fascinating history, to share reminiscences and stories, to research our players, characters and neighbourhoods, and experience programs that advance understanding of local people, cultures, and history.

The website provides a comprehensive overview of MONOVA's activities.


MONOVA: Museum of North Vancouver, operated by the North Vancouver Museum and Archives, is a shared partner agency of the City and District of North Vancouver.

MONOVA operates both the new Museum of North Vancouver at 115 West Esplanade (opening in 2021) as well as the Archives of North Vancouver located at 3203 Institute Road in Lynn Valley. In addition to the two physical visitor centres, MONOVA supports several other online/offsite experiences for the public to engage with and learn about the past, present & future stories of North Vancouver.

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