Property Tax FAQs

How are Municipal Property Taxes calculated?
Municipal Property taxes are calculated by dividing the assessment value for your property by 1,000 and multiplying that figure by the tax rate established for your property class.

What factors affect my property taxes?
There are a number of factors that affect your property taxes on a particular property:

  • Changes in assessed value
  • Changes in the City's property tax rate
  • Changes in other taxing authorities' tax rate

Why does the City collect taxes for other agencies?
The City is required by the Province to collect taxes on behalf of other taxing authorities and in turn remits these taxes directly. These agencies include the Municipal Finance Authority, BC Assessment, Metro Vancouver, Translink and the Province of BC for School taxes. The City has no control over the amounts levied as the agencies determine their own rates based on their own budgetary requirements.

Why did my taxes go up more than the approved property tax increase?
If the changes in your property value are higher than the average change in your property class your taxes payable may be higher than the approved property tax increase. Similarly, if the changes to your property value are lower relative to the average change in your class, you may see a reduction in your taxes payable.

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