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Show Your City Some Love During COVID-19

We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days and maintaining our social connections is challenging. Since we can’t connect with one another in our usual ways, we want to inspire you to find new ways to reach out to your friends, family, neighbours and community. We hope this motivates you to find creative ways to connect with your community and celebrate the stories of kindness that surround us.

Let’s make every day ‘Good Neighbour Day’ in the City. Reach out and offer whatever help you can. No action is too small.
Commit to checking in on neighbours, friends and family every few days. Offer to help with errands or groceries, or just call to talk and catch up.
It’s become our favourite part of the day, the #7pmcheer. Noisily thanking our healthcare and frontline heroes.
Hang them in your window, paint them on a rock or make a chalk drawing on the sidewalk. Inspiring messages of thanks are all around us.
Connect North Shore was created to link residents to community resources including information for those in need and volunteer opportunities for those who want to help.
There’s so much to celebrate, be proud of and love about our City. Spread your love, get inspired and discover new things. Tell us about a local business you love, your favourite spot in the City, write a love letter or discover one of our hidden gems.

Daily Check-in Challenge

A simple phone call can make a big difference, especially for seniors, those living alone, or those running a busy household. Let’s help each other feel connected by reaching out to those around us. Tell us about who you connected with today by posting on social media using the hashtag #checkinchallenge and tagging @CityOfNorthVan

Make Some Noise

It’s happening around the world, including right here in our City. And every week, it gets bigger, louder and longer. Keep on clapping, cheering and banging those pots and pans each night at 7pm to show your thanks and appreciation to our community heroes. Let’s hear and see you cheer. Post your photos on social media using the hashtag #7pmcheer and tag @CityOfNorthVan

Show Us Your Heart

Have you seen thank-you’s in your neighbourhood? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #heartsforhealthcare and #ilovemycity

Feeling creative? Watch for our ‘Buckets of Hope’ popping up around the City. They’re buckets filled with multi-coloured chalk so you can share your creative messages of hope and positivity. You can also download our colouring sheets and post your artwork on social media or hang it in your window.

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