Marine Drive

Marine Drive and the Marine/Hamilton neighbourhood are located on the City's western boundary.

The Marine Drive corridor is home to the Harbourside Business Park and North Shore Auto Mall. In 2002, the revision of the Official Community Plan allowed for more residential development to occur on and near Marine Drive. Other significant changes are also underway or under consideration, including a plan to improve the pedestrian experience along the Marine Drive corridor.

Marine Drive Planning Study

The Marine Drive Task Force was appointed in July of 2005 to provide input on the draft Marine Drive Design guidelines and to establish a prioritized list of desired community amenities for the area. The Task Force consisted of three members representing commercial interests in the area, six members representing residential interests and one member each from the Advisory Planning Commission, the Social Planning Advisory Committee, the Parks and Environment Advisory Committee and the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. The Task Force researched a range of policy options, gathered community input and presented its recommendations to City Council in the Fall of 2006.

The Council-endorsed task force recommendations constitute the Marine Drive Development Guidelines.

Area Guidelines

Marine Drive Map

Marine Drive Streetscape Design Guidelines

Marine Drive Streetscape

The City is looking to improve the pedestrian experience along Marine Drive, Third Avenue and Forbes Avenue.

Historically, this area has been characterized by a narrow public right-of-way and automobile-dominated landscape. The previous design for the area focussed on the efficient movement of vehicles to and from the adjacent auto-oriented businesses, as well as orienting storefronts toward parking lots immediately fronting Marine Drive. As a result, insignificant foot traffic has developed along Marine Drive.

The Marine Drive Streetscape Design Guidelines are the next step in a series of visioning and planning studies aimed at improving safety, access and the experiential quality of the street environment for pedestrians. The guidelines are a planning and urban design document, which will establish the framework for future development of this major North Shore commercial and transportation corridor.

The purpose of the studies is to create a strategy for coordinating the improvements along Marine Drive, as well as a toolbox of design elements that will become a part of the streetscape.

Development Update

The environmental upgrades for the area are ongoing and are being implemented as individual projects come in for rezoning, such as 725 Marine. Streetscape design is being implemented as per the Marine Drive Streetscape Design Guidelines. You can find more information on current development applications in the Marine Drive corridor and elsewhere in the City on our Current Development Applications Map.

Heywood Park Master Plan

Heywood Park is a 16 hectare park situated at the western boundary of the City of North Vancouver. Its prominent location on Marine Drive also makes it part of the western gateway to the City.

The City recognized that a number of significant infrastructure improvements were required in Heywood Park, and a new concept for the park was developed with public input. The Heywood Park Master Plan, which will be completed in phases, was endorsed by Council in October 2010.

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