E-Scooter Pilot

The City of North Vancouver is pursuing an e-scooter pilot in coordination with the Provincial Government and neighbouring municipalities on the North Shore.

The City’s pilot will allow privately-owned e-scooters for personal use on municipal streets and some paved paths. This means that later this year, community members will be allowed to legally ride their own e-scooter. The pilot will be limited to private e-scooters for personal use, and e-scooter share programs will not be permitted at this time. More details regarding the Provincial pilot project can be found on the BC government website

What Are E-Scooters?

E-scooters are electrically powered kick scooters that are suited to short urban trips. They have a standing platform between the front and rear wheels, and a steering handlebar that acts directly on the front wheel(s) of the device. E-scooters in BC may have two to four wheels, and the top speed is limited to 24 km/h.

In BC, e-scooter riders must be at least 16 years of age and wear a helmet while riding. The full legal definition of an e-scooter and additional information can be found on the Province’s website. 

Where Can E-Scooters Go In The City?

E-scooters remain illegal in the City of North Vancouver until Council adopts pilot regulations into bylaw. The City is working with our North Shore neighbours to develop a set of consistent regulations to allow for safe and predictable e-scooter rides across all three municipalities. 

What’s Next?

Staff are developing bylaw amendments to bring forward to Council later in 2021. Refer to this page for further updates on our progress.

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