EV Charging in Existing Multi-Family Buildings

Facilitating access to convenient and reliable electric vehicle charging in existing multi-family buildings is a priority for the City, identified in the City’s EV Strategy.

Since most residents in the City live in multi-family buildings, and these buildings face additional challenges installing EV charging infrastructure, supporting EV charging retrofits of multi-family buildings is a key strategy in enabling EV adoption in the City.

Comprehensive EV Ready Retrofits 

Planning for every unit in a multi-family building to have access to an energized outlet capable of providing Level 2 EV charging is the most cost-effective and equitable way to implement EV charging. This approach is called ‘EV Ready’ and enables all residents in a multi-family building to easily install a charger when they need it. 

By undertaking an EV Ready plan, infrastructure can be designed to fit within a building’s electrical capacity, avoiding costly electrical upgrades, in most cases. Technologies like networked EV chargers and EV Energy Management Systems can help make efficient use of electrical capacity and facilitate billing of users.

While the upfront cost of EV Ready retrofits is high, the cost per parking stall is significantly lower compared to installing one EV charger at a time. 

Rebates for EV Ready Retrofits

The Province’s CleanBC Go Electric Rebate Program offers the following rebates for multi-family buildings: 

  • Up to $3,000 for EV Ready plan
  • Up to $120,000 for EV Ready infrastructure
  • Up to $14,000 for chargers
  • Total: $137,000 per apartment/condo complex

To apply, visit BC Hydro's EV charging rebates for apartment and condo buildings page and learn more about the application process.

Resources for EV Ready Retrofits

Plug In BC provides extensive resources to help Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURB) move towards EV charging.

EV Advisor Service for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

  • EV Advisors can provide free advice on charging needs for multi-family buildings and workplaces with shared parking garages. EV Advisors can work with residents, strata councils, employers, and staff to discuss charging incentives, charging installation processes, user guidelines, and the benefits of EV retrofits. Learn more about EV Advisors.

Resource Documents from Plug In BC

Additional EV information can be found on the Incentives & Resources page.

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