Resident Exempt Parking FAQs

What is a Resident Exempt (RE) and Resident Permit Only (RPO) Parking Zone?
A Resident Exempt parking zone (RE zone) is an area on a street where residents, whose vehicles are registered with the City, are exempt from time restricted day parking restrictions for up to 72 hours. Anyone may park within these zones between 9am-6pm for up to 2-hours.

A Resident Permit Only Zone (RPO zone) is an area on street where only residents whose vehicles are registered with the City, are exempt from time restricted day parking restrictions for up to 72 hours. Visitor and temporary permits may be purchased from the City to account for guests, medical needs and short term contractors to residents of these blocks.

How do I get a Resident Exempt (RE) or Resident Permit Only (RPO) Parking Zone on my street?
RE or RPO designated parking zones for a particular block will be granted if all of the criteria outlined below are met.

  • Completed & submitted petition in favour of Resident Parking Zone Designation.

A new zone request must be supported by a petition signed in favour of the RE or RPO designation by at least 67% of all of the residences from both sides of the block seeking exemption. A petition can only contain one signature from each residence on the block.

If the block has a mix of residential buildings with and without sufficient off-street parking provisions, all residents on the block are permitted to participate in the petition process and they will be counted towards achieving 67% support from all residences; However only residents of buildings with insufficient off-street parking will qualify for the appropriate parking permit for the block that is successful in obtaining a resident parking designation.

The Engineering Department will proceed with an investigation of the parking conditions on the block in question only after receiving a petition (see Appendix B) that fulfills the required support from the residents of the block.

  • A shortfall of parking on a block is demonstrated.

A shortfall is deemed to exist if more than 75% (for RE) or 85% (for RPO) of on-street parking spaces are occupied during the weekday, and 50% or more of the parked vehicles belong to non-residents. A survey/ investigation of on-street parking will be undertaken by City staff following the submission of a neighbourhood petition.

  • Insufficient off-street parking for a block is demonstrated.

If the total number of off-street parking spaces for a block is less than the required number of spaces based on the Zoning requirements, then the block is deemed to have insufficient off-street parking and would qualify for the resident parking designation.

I live on a corner lot, what am I entitled to?
Residents of corner lots are permitted to participate in the petition process for blocks adjoining their civic address however will have to meet the applicable criteria to apply for a permit if the petition is approved.

I would like to apply for a RE or RPO zone on my street, but there are businesses as well as residential buildings on my block. Do I have to petition both the residents and the businesses?
In a mixed use area, residents are required to petition at least 67% (see Appendix B) of residences on the block. Along with this, businesses on the block must be notified in writing about the intent to change the parking provisions on the block (proof must be shown to City staff upon application). It should be noted that RE or RPO designation will not be installed adjacent to ground level commercial occupancies.

My apartment is in a building with businesses on the ground floor. Am I eligible to apply for a RE or RPO zone?
Sorry. Resident exemption to time restricted parking zones will only be installed in front of residences located at ground level in areas with commercial as well as residential use.

I already live on a street with a RE or RPO zone. How do I obtain a permit?
To be registered in our computerized system, please visit the Finance Department at City Hall with:

  • Your driver's license
  • Vehicle insurance papers
  • Payment for the permit

Ensure that both your driver's license and vehicle insurance papers display your current address, and that your vehicle insurance papers list you as the owner, or as the principal driver if you do not own the vehicle.

I live on a street with an RE or RPO zone, and my driver's license shows that I live on this street. However, my vehicle is registered in someone else's name. Am I eligible for a resident permit?
If your vehicle is registered in another name, you must have your name printed on your insurance papers as the principal driver. There is no extra cost to have your name printed as the principal driver. If your vehicle is a company car, a letter or proof of employment would be acceptable.

My driver's licence shows that I live on a street with a RE Zone, but my insurance is still registered at my old address. Am I eligible for resident exempt status?
Yes. However, you must first contact an Autoplan agent to have the address changed on your vehicle insurance and registration papers.

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